Historical Handcrafts

We are a family run business that specializes in artisan level goods made from quality materials that you will be able to pass down to future generations. Each of our items are hand inspected and made with quality in mind. Whether it is a historically inspired drinking horn, or handfasting cords made from our very own loom we want to bring the past to you.
The Viking & The Weaver

About Us

Viking and Weaver began when Rae and Jason decided to make Viking Drinking horns as favors for their Time Travel Wedding in 2014.

Even before we were married we loved to make quality handmade goods. Naturally we decided after paiting up on teh Drinking Horns to combine the rest of our crafting into one business and gave it the only name that made sense! With our Viking Jason focusing on the horns, and our Weaver Rae focusing on woven goods of all kinds we hope to make any occasion perfect for you. We offer specials for corporate events, weddings, or any large gathering., Looking for something for a single person? We have products to fit your needs as well. If you ever have any questions feel free to reach out and we will always respond to you within one business day.

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Taliesin is a knitter of the highest caliber, and loves to do tablet weaving on her loom Athena. She also writes fiction in her spare time.
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A truly talented craftsman Jason has apprenticed under some of the most talented engravers and blacksmiths in the US. He incorporates intricate and classical designs into all of his work making each a piece of fine art you can hold in your hand.

I can't say enough great things about Viking and Weaver. They were super responsive, incredibly friendly, and really went out of their way to make sure that I got exactly what I was looking for and had a great customer service experience. I had, just in conversation, mentioned that I hoped it got here on time for my husband's birthday--they shipped it right after the transaction, and I was shocked to find that it arrived the very next day (they had clearly expedited the shipping). It even included a hand-written note. Their kindness really blew me away.

The horn itself is absolutely beautiful. It came very well wrapped, it's waxed and ready to drink from, and there was no "horn smell" at all. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase, and I can't wait to give it to my husband. Thanks so much for everything! 🙂 ~Alana