Hand engraving is a form of ornamentation that uses relief in metal. It removes metal in order to illustrate design.

People have been hand engraving since ancient Egypt, though it did not reach its peak until the emergence of guns and bank notes during the Renaissance. Now you can find examples of printings take from hand engraving in your own pocket!

In modern times while its popular on firearms its also popular on motorcycle parts, lighters, key chains, or any metal object where you want a high grade design.

While most metal pieces can be etched, it does not offer the durability or the level of detail that hand engraving offers.

Most laser engraving is a shallow process that does not give a depth, detail, or durability that you will find in hand engraving. While Hand engraving will cost more, it will also last much longer and has a better feel in the hand.

Hand engraving is like a painting done by a master. You can see and feel the different layers in the piece. Laser engraving, on the other hand, is like a print of that painting. While it does maintain the visual of the hand engraved piece it loses the depth and intricacies.

Yes. We use a pneumatic assisted hand piece which replaces the hand hammer that some engravers use and gives the ability to engrave deeper in harder materials.


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Absolutely! If you do not receive an email with your order number please contact us and we will make sure one is sent to you.


Yes and no. While drinking from an unsealed horn is not a desirable experience unless you want a 100% authentic experience, and even then we do not recommend it. Our horns are sealed in such a way that you will have no off smells or flavors with your horn.

Most sellers offer their horns with no kind of sealant, and only questionable sanitation. We do not say this to make them look bad at all. But as horns are a natural product and are not like antlers where they are shed every year it is imperative that they be sanitized in some fashion. If you would like more information on this check out our article here.

If the horns are sold sealed it is usually done with beer or beeswax that does need to be reapplied at least every 1-2 months with routine usage. Along with that they are not good with hot beverages as this leeches the taste of the horn into the product and drastically reduces the reliability of the sealant. For more about sealing a horn check out our article here.

Our horns are sealed with a two part food grade epoxy that allows our horns to be used with any beverage hot or cold. Milk, to beer, to mead. On top of that it is as near to indestructible as possible, and you will NEVER need to reapply it.

Caring for your horn is easy! With a sealant that never needs reapplication all you need to do is wash it with a dishcloth or sponge, and your favorite dish soap!

NEVER put your horn in the dishwasher. while it will not damage the sealant, it may damage the horn.

Nope! Our epoxy creates a barrier between your horn and beverage that will last for generations!


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